The Hafaloha Story

Who We Are

Leonard “Len” K. Kaae, Jr. was born in Hawaii but was raised between Guam and Hawaii for most of his adolescent years. Len now lives on Guam with his Guam-born Chamorrita wife, Tara Kaae and their five beautiful children.

Living on these two incredible islands gave Len the opportunity to observe the intermingling of cultures, and note the idiosyncrasies of everyday island life… and anyone who knows Len will vouch that his quick witty comments and uncensored humorous remarks about bizarre and unexpected day-to-day occurrences will leave you in stitches. For Len, Håfaloha is more than just a business — it is a way to express his ideas, humor, love for island life, and creativity through unique clothing designs. For Tara, Håfaloha is an outlet through which she conveys her love for people and passion for customer service.

Tara came up with the “Håfaloha” name, in part, as a representation of the Hawaiian and Chamorro cultures intertwined within their family. But the name also has a deeper significance based on the very special meaning of the phrases "Håfa Adai" and "Aloha."

Hafa Adai!

“Håfa Adai” is a greeting used by the Chamorro people of the Mariana Islands (Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan). It invokes the familial spirit, warm affection, and “what is mine is yours” communal mindset of the Mariana Islands and its people. 

“Hello” and “Hi” are friendly, but there is no greeting here quite like “Håfa Adai.” 


“Aloha” is a salutation used by the natives of the Hawaiian Islands. It is often thought to have a dual meaning of “hello” and “goodbye,” but it is also used at times to say “I love you.”

“Aloha” is more than just a simple greeting: In Hawaiian, it has a deeper significance, including qualities like energy, life, and joy.

Our Hope

Our desire is that the “Håfa Adai” mindset and “Aloha” spirit (as described above) would be combined in you. Our apparel is designed to reflect the beauty of island living, and to bring the warm mood of the islands to everyone wearing our apparel, no matter where they live. And our cool desserts will refresh you on a hot day with the sweet taste of the islands.

But “Håfaloha” is more than just our products or our brand; it is a lifestyle and a way of life. Our hope is that your entire experience with us — from the island feel you get from wearing our clothing, to savoring our refreshing sweet treats, to visiting our store and interacting with our friendly staff family — would leave you immersed both in “Håfa Adai” and “Aloha.” We want you to truly feel: Håfaloha.

Our Team

Dani | Shaveologist

My name is Danielle, but people call me Dani. I enjoy being around family and friends, seeing new places, and trying new things.

All the desserts at Håfaloha are delicious, but my favorite desserts would be an Acai Bowl with Nutella cream, bananas and coconut and the Shave Ice with vanilla Soft-Serve with blue coconut and pink lemonade syrup.

Gabby | Shaveologist

My name is Gabby and my hobbies are shopping and anything outdoorsy and fun like hikes or playing soccer.

I love everything at Håfaloha, but my favorite thing would be the Acai Bowls.


Jayla | Shaveologist

Håfaloha! My name is Jayla and when I’m not at the shop I enjoy spending my time in the kitchen cooking and baking. When I’m not doing that you can always find me hanging out with family and friends at the beach or at home watching movies.

My favorite dessert at Håfaloha always goes between the Acai Bowl with Nutella, mango, strawberries and coconut or the Hafagato, especially when I need a little pick me up.

Kadence | Shaveologist

Hi my name is Kadence and my favorite hobbies include adventuring around the island and traveling around the world. 

My favorite dessert is definitely the shave ice with blue cotton candy, POG, and Lilikoi. It is so refreshing and delicious on a hot sunny day!!

Kami | Front of House Manager

My name is Kami! I love traveling, spending time with my family, and finding the best spots to eat!

My favorite dessert at Håfaloha always changes but as of right now it’s the Shave Ice with blue raspberry & blue coconut, or if I’m feeling Soft-Serve my go to is an Oreo Madness or a Captain Fruity. 😊

Noel | Shaveologist

Hi my name is Noel, my hobbies include singing in the shower, and playing sports like Volleyball, Soccer, and Rugby.

My favorite item from Håfaloha would be the Oreo Madness. I’ve always ate Oreos when I was younger and to find out that Håfaloha mixes Oreos and Ice cream together is perfect for a kid.

Ryniel | Shaveologist

Håfaloha, my name's Ryniel. I’m an adrenaline junky who loves adventurous things and doing CrossFit.

My favorite item on the menu is the Håfagato, Because of the strong taste coffee and smooth sweetness of Vanilla Soft-Serve and Caramel syrup!

Tasi | Operations Manager

My name is Tasi! I love watching movies and hanging out with my family.

My favorite dessert from Håfaloha has to be the Acai Smoothie. They're so convenient for when you're on the go and super tasty! 😊

Traven | Shaveologist

Hi, my name is Traven. My hobbies are playing volleyball & soccer.

My favorite item at Håfaloha is the Acai Bowl because it’s delicious, nutritious, and I can make it MY way.