The Story



Hafaloha! “Hafa adai” is a greeting used by the Chamorro people of the Mariana Islands

(Guam, Rota, Tinian and Saipan). “Aloha” is a salutation used by natives of the Hawaiian

Islands, that has a dual meaning of hello and goodbye.


Leonard “Len” K. Kaae Jr., founder and President of Hafaloha Inc., was born in Hawaii

but was raised between Guam and Hawaii for most of his adolescent years. Len now

lives on Guam with his Guam-born Chamorrita wife, Tara Kaae and their three children.


The name “Hafaloha” was created as a representation of the Hawaiian and Chamorro

cultures intertwined within their family. Hawaii and Guam are both perpetual melting pots

for an array of cultures, which for the most part coexist as one cohesive unit.


For Len, living on these two beautiful islands gave him the opportunity to observe the

intermingling of cultures, and note the idiosyncrasies of everyday island life…and anyone

who knows Len will vouch that his quick wit comments and uncensored humorous

remarks about the bizarre and unexpected day-to-day occurrences will leave you in



It is no wonder Len started Hafaloha Clothing as a way to express his ideas,

humor and love of the island life that has been influenced by the people he’s met, places

he’s been, and overall life he lives!




The hope is for the essence of Hafaloha Clothing to be a positive and enjoyable

experience for everyone involved, from our family and friends who provide unending love

and support, to our amazing team who day-after-day work hard to make things happen,

and most especially to our patrons who keep Hafaloha alive.


We hope to be ambassadors to our heritage and homeland, spreading the spirit and

culture of what it is like to be, “from the islands.”  It's part of our goal to influence 

individuality, spark creativity, and share in the belief that it’s okay to laugh at one’s self

and all of life’s quirks.


However, we still maintain respect for other people’s views, beliefs, attitudes and ways

of life. Hafaloha is not just a clothing brand, its a lifestyle and a way of life that embraces

the hafa adai and aloha spirit. So, from our Ohana to your familia HAFALOHA!

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