September 2023 Employees of the Month: Gannon and Allaina!

September 2023 Employees of the Month: Gannon and Allaina!
September was another great month for us at Håfaloha! 🌺 Our team has grown with the addition of some incredible personalities that contribute to the great workflow! We’ve seen such incredible initiative from everyone from both our front of house and back of house team, we HAD to commend both! So the Ohana got together and decided that we had to pick exceptional people from both sides of the team! 
Everyone casted their votes and we’d like to congratulate 🎉 September 2023’s Employees of the Month - Gannon for Back of House Operations and Allaina for the Front of House team!  🙌🏻
The votes were unanimous for Gannon! Since he joined the team, he’s been as easy going as a sunny day at the beach! He never says no to trying new things or to step in if anyone needs help. What’s more, he’s got the warm smile to accompany the “I got you” sense of support he’s always willing to give. You don’t have to ask him more than once for anything, our guy Gannon is on the roll and we’re so grateful! 
For the Front of House, the team decided that Allaina brings so much energy and a million smiles to customer’s faces! 🎉 Not to mention, the endless laughs that she can get into with the whole team having a blast while still managing their everyday tasks. She’s thorough, always open to constructive criticism and preps for the next shift to make everything easier to transition. 
Just goes to show, that when when everyone supports  💪🏻 each other, the only way to go is up! To thrive and to learn from people of diverse backgrounds is the fuel we love here at Hafaloha. To Allaina and Gannon, thank you for all you do. Congratulations!!!  🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻
Fun Facts:  💫
You can find Gannon sporting the Black Neon Snapback hat while he enjoys his faves - the Oreo Madness Soft serve or the Teri Chicken Burger.  😋
Allaina loves the Black Neon Crop Shirt, looking great enjoying her fave Acai bowl with Nutella, Stawberry, and Bananas or chowing on a Taotaomona Burger. 😋

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