New Store Hours!

New Store Hours!

We are so excited to announce that our normal store hours are extending!!

Our NEW store hours are:

—Mon-Thurs 12-8pm

—Fri-Sat 12-9pm

—Closed Sundays

New Store Hours of Operation (Effective February 2022)

(This is greatly extended from our previous hours, which were 12-6pm daily, and closed Mondays.)

WHY are we doing this? There are really THREE main reasons for this.

ONE: We LOVE our amazing, loyal customers, and we want to give them more time to visit us. Under our previous hours, if a family went out to eat dinner at a normal dinner time, we would be closed by the time they finished. Now, if a family goes out to eat, we are more likely to still be open when they get out of dinner. Remember that part of the many things Håfaloha provides to our wonderful customers is amazing DESSERTS. We want to be a viable place for our customers to come after dinner. This change will allow us to do that!

TWO: We'd like to able to give our dedicated Håfaloha staff family more hours. Some of them have been asking for more hours, so this change will allow us to provide our staff — all of whom we love very much — with more hours, and that means more money in their pockets that they can use to pursue their goals and dreams. If any set of staff deserves this, it’s ours!

THREE (and this is the most significant to us): We have felt in our hearts for some time that we should make this change in order to honor God. We go to church faithfully every Sunday; we've been doing that for years and have viewed Sunday as God’s day. Yet our business was open on Sundays. Well, now, we are closing on Sundays, because we want to give our WHOLE Sunday to God. In some ways (numbers one and two above), the decision to extend our hours makes sense. But in another way, our decision (to close on Sunday) makes no sense, because Sunday is actually one of our busiest days of the week. Some might ask: “WHY in the world would you close on one of your busiest days?” To those people, our answer may sound unusual or strange, even absurd. But to us, it really is very simple: Our hearts want to honor God — including with our actions, and yes, with our business too. We simply want to give our Sundays to him. We are not doing this because we want or demand anything in return from God. But at the same time, we trust God, and we know that he is good and will continue, in his unparalleled faithfulness, to take care of all of our needs.

Again, THANK YOU all for your continued love, support, and patronage through the years! Looking forward to many more to come!

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