June 2023 Employee Of The Month: Dani!

June 2023 Employee Of The Month: Dani!
It may seem a bit tardy to announce the June 2023 Employee of The Month. Summer has been a colorful experience with typhoon recovery efforts, setting up a new international store location in Boracay, and our Guam shop relocation. But despite the busyness, the team came together and voted on an employee that deserves to be credited again for her continued strong work ethic and sunny perspective - Dani!
Since her last feature, Dani has moved up the latter from Shift Leader to putting the 'Super' in Supervisor! As the end of June was approaching, the entire management team had to travel Boracay in the Philippines to focus on the launch of the new store there. As this would be the first time the Guam team would be without the entire upper management team, there was slight hesitation. But the team had every confidence in Dani manning the fort. On top of managing the team of 12 here on island, office supply replenishment, inventory management, and other errands, she tended to the needs of customers making their experience at the shop a great one. She's always a go-to for support when someone's in need - no stress, no worries. It's no surprise the team chose to highlight her incredible aptitude, efficiency and sunny presence yet again!
We took the time to speak with her about her experience being a part of the Håfaloha team. "I love that it's so family oriented here. Everyone is there for each other, even outside of work. If you're going through a tough time, or celebrating something, they're ALWAYS there," said Dani.
Manning the fort: "When management left to Boracay, at first I felt the weight on my shoulders but everyone recognized that this would be a group effort. We don't look at titles, we all treat each other as equals. If someone needs help, someone will always step in. So even if it's so busy, it doesn't even feel like work!", she added.
And after 3 years with the team, her love for the work, the people, and the atmosphere only continues to grow. She admires her coworkers for so many reasons - their humor, compassion, and supportiveness. "Håfaloha makes me feel like they want me to grow as an individual," she says. Home is always found here, a place that makes her feel welcome, makes all feel welcome regardless of where they come from, who they love, or the faith they believe in," says Dani.
We're grateful for all that you do, and we love you Dani!  💕
Fun fact:
If she's not working behind the counter or enjoying her favorite Acai Bowl, you can catch this active Chamorrita on the sports scene perhaps blazing the grass playing Flag Football!  🏈

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