June 2022 Employee of the Month: Ryniel!

June 2022 Employee of the Month: Ryniel!

It’s another month here at Håfaloha (…and…everywhere… 🧐), and that means another employee of ours has been chosen from amongst their peers to be our Employee of the Month! This month, they chose  our wonderful Ryniel!

Ryniel, Håfaloha's June 2022 Employee of the Month

Ry, as we call him, just came on board right before we reopened our shop last November. Since then, he has grown by leaps and bounds. As happens with every new employee, there is training that needs to happen, and there is a learning curve that needs to be overcome. Ry has done such an awesome job growing and adapting since then, and our other staff family recognize that.

He has improved so much since he began, one of our people said about him — and added that he continues to strive to better himself. His communication has always improved, they say, and that always makes for a more smooth day at work :)

Part of his skill in communication is his ability to find out if there are problems that have arisen that the managers are trying to fix — and then Ry steps up and helps the managers fix those things! So even though Ry is not a manager, he always steps up to help them!

But he is also greatly helpful to all the rest of the crew. Whether it’s transportation, muscles, or an extra set of hands, Ry is there to help, and his fellow staff really appreciate him for that.

It’s not just the crew who love him — it’s customers as well. When they walk in, Ry is usually the loudest of all the staff to welcome customers in with an enthusiastic “Håfaloha!” And when they need help, he’s there for them.

“Help” is a word, as you can see, that his fellow staff have said a lot about him. They said he helps the managers, he helps fix problems that arise, he does a great job helping the customers, and then they said he helps out wherever needed. Ry really is a big help to everyone around, and we really love that about him.

One helpful thing at any workplace is to keep morale up, and Ry does that SO well! Not only does he take on all o the tasks given to him, and not only does he actually perform those tasks — but he does so “while still making it fun,” one of his peers said. Two of coworkers mentioned Ry’s “positive attitude.”

As always for our Employee of the Month, Ry has won some prizes! His prizes are::::: (drumroll, please)…… 🥁……..


(Yes, that’s a cricket.)

Right before we announced Ry as Employee of the Month, he disappeared off somewhere. We don’t even know if he’s on-island or somewhere else!! We heard it’s something to do with ROTC, which he has been a part of for a really long time. So we heard it’s probably some kind of training with them, which we love and respect so much! 🫡🇺🇸🇬🇺 But yeah, we don’t even know if Ry knows that he’s our Employee of the Month!! And because of that, we have no idea what he won, because he hasn’t been able to choose his winnings! Lol, see how much the communication suffers when he’s not around?!

Ry is such a great asset to our team, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board with us. We love you, Ry!!

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    Kuddos Kuya Ry you’re always an inspiration to all of your friends and relatives here in Philippines. We are so proud of you.. Keep going,keep fighting! We love and support you..

    And to the management congrats for raising a good person in your team! God Bless Us All…

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