January 2023 Employee of the Month: Alicia!

Alicia, Håfaloha's January 2023 Employee of the Month!

Håfaloha, everyone! As you may know, our amazing staff vote on a new Employee of the Month regularly. Due to a hectic new year and exciting plans coming up, we are a bit late in announcing our Employee of the Month for January — but today we are happy to announce who that incredible person is: Alicia!

Alicia, Håfaloha's January 2023 Employee of the Month!

Alicia has only been at Håfaloha for a few months, but within that short time, she has proven herself to be an incredible addition and asset to us. Her transition onto our team was smooth (a few of her peers described her as a “team player”), but more recently, she adapted into her shift lead position effortlessly and really stepped up into that role so well.

Whenever she has a question, Alicia is not shy to ask because she’s not just willing — but determined — to learn and improve in needed areas. And that really doesn’t take her long because she’s such a fast learner! After the learning is done and she has the knowledge and skills she needs to do her job well, she does: Alicia’s work ethic is strong. She’s always working hard, always motivated, always looking for things to do. And she’s great with customers, always offering excellent customer service, which is one thing we strive for. But the things we strive for and dream of, like great customer service and more — we’re only able to see those things come true when we have such dedicated and incredible staff like Alicia.

It’s not just Alicia’s hard-working nature that we appreciate about her. The first thing people notice about Alicia is her bubbly personality and positive attitude which then rubs off and spreads to the people around her. Her personality and laugh have both been described by coworkers as “contagious!”

She’s a great person to work with, and she’s friendly, but Alicia’s fellow staff have said more about her than that. They’ve described her as a considerate person, thinking of others and putting them first. But going even further, they’ve said she’s an awesome friend. These are the kinds of people we love working with — people who make work feel a whole lot less like work.

As a reward for a job well done, we gave some gift cards to Alicia: a $25 gas card to help fill up her tank, $50 toward Macy’s 🛍 (I wonder what she’s gonna buy there 🤔), and $75 toward some good food at Capricciosa 🇮🇹🍝🍕!!

Alicia, thank you so much, not just for your hard work and dedication, but also for being such an amazing person! We love you!! ❤️

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