December 2021 Employee of the Month: Noel!

Noel, Håfaloha's December 2021 Employee of the Month!

Here at Håfaloha, we don’t choose our own Employee of the month; our staff nominate from among one another! And we’re now announcing that our Employee of the Month for December is Noel!

Noel, Håfaloha's December 2021 Employee of the Month

He’s a pretty recent hire: We just brought Noel on board the team in October. But in that short time, he has proved himself to have been an extraordinary addition to the team.

Noel doesn’t need to be asked to do things; he always finds ways to be helpful around the store and to those around him, whether fellow staff or our wonderful Håfaloha customers. He doesn’t just do what is needed or required; he always goes way above and beyond. He’s new around here, and when he is being taught something, he only needs to be taught once. After that, he’s good to go. Noel makes the job of our trainers so easy, and we appreciate that so much.

At Håfaloha, we try to nurture a fun, easygoing atmosphere, and we love it when our employees have fun. Noel loves his job, which makes us so happy — and he always has a great attitude. Through Noel’s incredible patience and kindness toward his fellow staff members, he contributes in such a big way to Håfaloha’s positive atmosphere, and our Håfaloha staff family sense that. They love having him around, and so do we. And we know our customers can feel his upbeat vibes, too.

As usual for us, Employee of the Month at Håfaloha isn’t just a title; it does come with its perks. For a job well done, we’ve rewarded Noel with a $75 Sushi Rock* gift card, a $50 Trends gift card, and a $25 card to help out with gas.

Noel, enjoy! You deserve it so much. Thank you for everything! Love you a lot!

* BONUS CONTENT: Noel's usual Sushi Rock order. Every time he goes there, he orders the same thing:

  • (1) Chicken Karaage bowl w/spicy mayo on the side
  • (1) Shrimp Tempura roll
  • (1) Beef Gyoza

Noel....... first, that's a lot. Are you even able to finish it all?? Second, don't you want to try something new? Third, and this is probably the most important: We hope your favorite restaurant is... well, let's just say it starts with a "Håfaloh" and ends with an "A," which is the grade you should be giving...... that fine establishment.

But in all seriousness, we hope your gift card goes a long way in getting you the stuff you love :)

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