August 2022 Employee of the Month: Des!

Des, Håfaloha's August 2022 Employee of the Month!

Håfaloha, everyone! Once again, our amazing staff have voted from among each other to select last month’s Employee of the Month. This time, the honor went to our Administration Assistant, Desiree (Des)!


Des, Håfaloha's August 2022 Employee of the Month!

Des is absolutely incredible. She’s a recent hire, so she’s really had to learn the ropes, but she’s really done so well at getting the hang of things around here. And not only has she learned well, but she has become so darn handy! She’s an exceptional addition to our team. She really fits in to the culture of Håfaloha, and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

She usually works in our office. But whenever she goes into the shop, Des is so quick to assist whenever a helping hand 👊 may be needed (Just kidding! It’s more like this 🖐 or sometimes like 🫴). She helps out making sure the shop is ready for customers when we open, and she always makes sure the shop has change (as in coins). (We can’t go out to get change ourselves, or else the shave ice will melt 😲! So Des goes for us 😌).

When Des comes back, she always comes back with a smile 😀, and that smile spreads around. She’s lively and full of energy 🏃‍♀️ and makes working in the shop fun. She treats all of our Håfaloha staff family with incredible kindness, and she makes sure they know how much they are valued and appreciated. If someone does make a mistake, Des is very understanding, and she’ll correct the mistake with gentleness.

People who are that nice, if they also have the right skills, are born leaders — others want to follow them around. Des is like that. And she really motivational in the eyes of our staff. When they see her, they’re inspired to be better, act better, do better, love better, serve better.

As a reward to Des for the amazing job she’s been doing, we’re giving her a $25 gas card (SOOO helpful these days), $50 toward Lululemon 🛍 for her stylish athletic wear, and $75 for a nice, plump, juicy steak 🥩 at Outback!!

Des, we love you so much, and obviously we always will!! Keep up the incredible job! 😀

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  • Teresita Mendiola

    We are so proud of our daughter Desi as she has blossom into a wonderful wife, mother and daughter. We love and know w that God give her a gift to inspire others around her and that she is faithful, tactful and love her family and friends very much. And always goes out of her way for strangers and especially family when they need her help. God bless and thank you for all she does. Congratulations my baby should an honor from your co-workers and praise from your bosses. Love Mommy and Daddy👨🏼‍🍳❤️🥰♥️😍🙏

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