The Founders' Journey, and the People of Håfaloha

The Founders' Journey, and the People of Håfaloha

Håfa Adai, Aloha, and Håfaloha! CAUTION: This blog post eventually gets to the point, but it takes sort of a wandering path to get there. Just be patient, and we promise it'll get to where it's meant to, which is the Founders’ Journey video!!

We are blessed that Håfaloha is a brand that, to some degree, speaks for itself. It’s known for a few things — one of the most well-known of course being its delicious, flavorful shave ice. It’s also known for really unique things like acai cakes, which are a very healthy alternative compared to your typical cake. In addition, Håfaloha is known for its fun, easygoing island vibe, and for clothing that reflects that easygoing, island vibe. So Håfaloha has developed a reputation that we’re so thankful for.

But we also understand that, generally speaking, businesses do not connect to others on a human level the way that people can. So even though Håfaloha has a reputation and a voice, it’s (just) a business. But behind the scenes, there are many amazing individuals who help make Håfaloha what it is, and each one of them has a voice too. That’s why we’ve made it a point to spotlight the others in Håfaloha.


Håfaloha's staff family

For example, every month, not only do our staff choose an Employee of the Month from amongst themselves — we also write an entire blog post about that person and why they won, AND we feature that Employee of the Month on our social media. Also, if you visit the “Our Story” page on our website, you’ll see that we have a photo of each and every one of our workers, alongside a short blurb to tell you a little bit about that person. It’s because we truly care about the people who work for us — their interests, talents, desires, dreams. When we say that Håfaloha is a business that’s more like a family, we really mean it. We love using Håfaloha’s platform to give our workers something they can be proud of, something they can be proud to show their friends — something about themselves they can send around to those they love. So in these ways and more, we LOVE to highlight everyone else at Håfaloha.

As far as we (Len & Tara) go, we’re totally content sitting quietly in the background, much happier to showcase others and put them first than to showcase ourselves. But at the same time, we know that some people would love to hear directly from us. And that’s why we’ve made it a point to appear in front of the camera more often than we normally would, sharing little things like current promotions, or inspirations behind new designs.

But today, we are releasing our biggest personal video to date: our Founders’ Journey. In this simple video, you’ll get a small sense of who we are, where we come from, the things we’re passionate about, why we founded Håfaloha, and more.

This video is very short — less than 3 minutes long — but we hope it’s good enough to give you a simple glimpse into our lives and into what makes Håfaloha Håfaloha.

Watch the video now on our Instagram or Facebook! Thanks for watching!

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