Tara was featured in KUAM!

Tara featured in KUAM's

Just this month, we announced that our co-owner and General Manager Tara Kaae had been selected by her own staff to be Håfaloha’s 2022 Employee of the Year. Now, we are happy to say that Tara has been featured on the KUAM Instagram page for Women’s History Month!

Tara featured in KUAM's "Women's Herstory is Now" post!

Throughout March, KUAM has posted a weekly feature on their Instagram called “Women’s Herstory is Now,” which is a showcase of “some of the strongest, trusting, and goal-oriented women in our island's Food & Beverage community.” KUAM’s final “Women’s Herstory is Now” post of the month features 3 powerful and influential women: Monique Genereux Amani, co-owner of Mosa’s Joint, Aubrey Duenas, owner of Crumb Artisan Bakery, and of course our very own Tara Kaae, vice president and general manager of Håfaloha. We are so pleased to see not just Tara being featured, but also these fellow women who are so deserving of recognition!

Part of the post are questions and answers for each of the women, including “What is your mission,” “What is the most rewarding part of the business,” and more. Definitely look at that post and learn what makes Tara and these other successful women tick. We all want to be successful, and what better way to become successful than to surround ourselves with and read about those who have already achieved success!

Congratulations to Monique, Aubrey, and Tara for being honored in this feature!

Check out the “Women’s Herstory is Now” post featuring Tara today!

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