February 2023 Employee of the Month: Tasiah!

Tasiah, Håfaloha's February 2023 Employee of the Month!

Håfaloha, everyone! Every month, our incredible staff vote from among each other to choose a new Employee of the Month. We are so pleased to share that our winner for February is our amazing Tasiah!

Tasiah, Håfaloha's February 2023 Employee of the Month!

Tasiah is a very recent addition to Håfaloha, but she has done so amazingly well — and we saw some great potential in her — that we’ve already begun training her to become a shift leader! On her part, she is super motivated to learn all the duties and responsibilities that go into being a shift leader. On the part of those around Tasiah, they all agree: she’s going to be a really good shift leader. And that’s because, as we said, she’s an excellent worker and has already improved and grown a lot within Håfaloha since she started.

One thing we love about Tasiah is her active mind. Whenever there’s something Tasiah doesn’t know exactly how to do, she asks questions that help her learn, because she’s so eager to ensure all tasks are not just done, but done correctly. That kind of attention to detail really matters, and we appreciate that so much about Tasiah. Learning, and doing things right, is something she’s always more than happy to do.

As we said, doing the job right is important to Tasiah, and that is part of what makes her such an excellent worker. But on top of that, she shows great initiative in getting things done. Not just doing SOME things right — getting A LOT of things done, and doing them ALL right. She’s always trying to check things off her to-do list and be able to mark them complete. But it’s not just her own tasks she wants to complete; she’s also very happy to assist others in completing their tasks by offering them a helping hand!

As always, when we give the title “Employee of the Month” to an incredible, deserving member of our staff, it’s not just a title — we actually reward them with gift cards! Tasiah is getting a $25 gift card for blessed gasoline ⛽️, $50 for Ross 🛍, and $75 toward Casa Oceano, a buffet at Tsubaki Tower. Don’t eat Sebastian 🦀!!

Tasiah, we love you and are so grateful for you. Thank you so much for all you do for us! ❤️

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