September 2022 Employee of the Month: Jayla!

Jayla, Håfaloha's September 2022 Employee of the Month!

Håfaloha, everyone! As always, with the passing of each new month, our wonderful staff have chosen an Employee of the Month from among their own ranks. We know it’s a bit late, but our September Employee of the Month is ready to be announced: our amazing Jayla!!


Jayla, Håfaloha's September 2022 Employee of the Month!


Jayla began as a Shaveologist, but she has proven herself to be so valuable and so professional, that we have added her to our management team! She has really stepped up and been a tremendous addition to our management team just as she was to our Håfaloha crew since she joined us — and she has been absolutely incredible the whole time! Transitioning to a leadership role isn’t always easy, but Jayla has been so fast and efficient in learning shift lead tasks.

From the get-go, Jayla has been an extraordinary uplifting force in our business. She’s always in a positive mood, is so patient and kind with her fellow coworkers and customers, and has an overall good attitude. Jayla has no problem whatsoever in getting along with everyone, including customers, which means that her customer service skills are excellent.

With her coworkers, Jayla is either always helpful, or always offering to help. Even when there is nothing to help her coworkers with, she goes around the shop and tries to get as much done as possible (and succeeds). When it comes to shop duties, Jayla excels in everything — literally everything — that can be done around the store. Jayla has always been willing to learn new things, so if and when a new shop duty arises, we know she’ll have no problem 😀

As a reward for Jayla’s incredible performance, we’ve given her a $25 gas card, $50 toward Shein, her favorite 🛍 shopping site, and $75 for a delicious meal or two at Sakura Dining 🍱🍣🍛 !!

Jayla, thank you for your incredible hard work and dedication! We love and appreciate you so much! 😀

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