May 2022 Employee of the Month: Tasi!

Tasi, Håfaloha's May 2022 Employee of the Month

As happens every month here at Håfaloha, our staff have voted to choose an Employee of the Month. Usually, our staff chooses from among themselves, but for the month of May, they did something unusual: They voted for their manager, Tasi!

Tasi, Håfaloha's May 2022 Employee of the Month

Tasi is our Operations Manager, and she is so amazing at everything she does. Tasi has been with us since Day 1 of when we opened up the Tumon shop in 2015! Other than Len and Tara who own the place, Tasi was the very first employee, and she was hired right on the spot!

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that makes Håfaloha what it is. From fulfilling orders that come in to us that need to be prepared and shipped out, to making more of our flavoring when we run low (…yes, we do in fact mix up our own proprietary flavorings!), to setting our staff schedule, and so much more. A customer may walk in and buy our wonderful shave ice and a shirt and then walk out with a smile, but there were so many things that needed to happen behind the scenes to pave the way before that. Well, it is Tasi who is responsible for SO much of that behind the scenes work. In fact, in Tara’s words (the wife of the husband and wife owner duo), Tasi is “Tara’s right… and often left hand 😜

We just mentioned the staff schedule. Every time she works on the schedule, Tasi does her best to make the schedule work out well and accommodate and be a good fit for everyone. A number of our staff pointed that out in their reasons for voting for her. 

Multiple of our wonderful staff members said that she is a very understanding and patient manager, which is not normally the way people feel about their boss. But Tasi, thankfully, is very special. In fact one of our staff specifically said that “Working at Håfaloha and having a manager like her has been a great experience for me!”

There is a vibe in the store that we want our customers to feel. As we said earlier, much of what goes into the Håfaloha experience is really due to Tasi and the work she puts in behind the scenes. But also, that same vibe is not just what we want our customers to feel… it’s what we want our staff to feel. And if they do, it’s because of Tasi.

As you can see, when our staff vote for an Employee of the Month, they give us their reasons for why they voted for that particular person. And as we were looking over the reasons why our staff chose Tasi, we realized that they described her the same way we want people to think of our shop. They described Tasi as a “fun, reliable boss.” We do our best to be a place with a fun, easygoing atmosphere. We also want to be reliable: we want people’s experience in our store to be just as good (or better) than it was when they came in before. And if we are blessed enough that that’s true, then it’s no wonder why: It’s because we hired Tasi on the spot on day one, and she’s been contributing herself to the Håfaloha culture for 7 years now!!

Whenever we award this Employee of the Month title to anyone, we also reward that person with special perks. This month, we’re giving Tasi a $25 Gas Card 🚘⛽️ that she’d better redeem NOW before the gas price goes up again!! We’re also treating her to a $50 gift card to The Korea Place 🇰🇷🥢 in Micronesia Mall, where she orders bibimbap and really enjoys all the side dishes it comes with. In addition, we’re giving her $75 for Macy’s 👚🩱🧢 that she can use on any clothes she likes!!

There are even more specifics that our staff mentioned about why they voted for Tasi, but we don’t have to list them all because you get the point: Tasi is amazing. She is the type of person every employer dreams of hiring. And, she’s the type of manager every worker dreams of having. For many, a person/manager like Tasi is a dream. But for us at Håfaloha, Tasi isn’t a dream — Tasi is a dream come true. We are all so lucky and blessed to have you, Tasi!


  • Rosita Crisostomo

    So proud of you Tasi!!
    Not only are you a great manager but you are also a great mother to your 2 boys. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Carmen Gallman

    Congratulations Tasi ! It is such an honor to be liked and respected by your employees. Keep up the exemplary work

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