July 2022 Employee of the Month: Kadee!

Kadee, Håfaloha's July 2022 Employee of the Month!

Håfaloha, all! Every month, our staff members vote to choose an Employee of the Month from among one another. This month, the honor went to our amazing Kadence (“Kadee”)! (Every single fact about Kadee in this post came directly from her peers who voted for her.)

Kadee, Håfaloha's July 2022 Employee of the Month!


Kadee was only brought on a few months ago, but she has already shown so much improvement since she came on. In fact, she has shown so much improvement, we’ve already made her a shift lead! She learned those duties really quick!

Her peers love her because she is always very patient and kind. She’s always looking for something to do, and during down times, she tidies up the shop. When a coworker needs help, she’s always there to offer an extra set of hands, and when given a task, she completes it fast! When she’s on shift, the shifts run easy and smooth, and that’s because of all of the above, but also because of her friendly nature and easygoing vibes that puts all of her peers in a good mood.

One thing that might not seem like a big deal at first, is that Kadee is a perfectionist on the register to make sure the orders are correctly rung up. “O…k…, sooooo why does that matter?” Well, her peers love it, because if someone has a complicated order, it means that they can just look at the receipt and know exactly what to do and how to make the product, without always asking other coworkers for guidance — because it’s all right there. The people at the office side of things love it too, because that helps us track our inventory really precisely. But in the end, it really benefits the customer the most: Because they get the order right the first time, without needing to wait unnecessarily long.

Speaking of the customers, they love Kadee. She is excellent at customer service. She’s also excellent at communicating clearly, which benefits the customer and her coworkers. She’s also a perfectionist when it comes to dessert presentation, making each one look incredible before handing it off to be enjoyed :) And when the line is long and there’s lots of desserts in the queue, Kadee has a great attitude when handling that rush of customers.

And that’s not all — her coworkers actually said more amazing things about her than that! They all love Kadee, and so do we!  :)

As a reward, Kadee got some gift cards, which we do for all of our prized Employee of the Month. (Yes, our Employees of the Month are prized by us, and because we appreciate them so much, we reward them with prizes — something they would like. This month, Kadee got a $25 gas card (which will hopefully make filling up her tank a little bit less 😩), $50 toward Good Lookin Out 🛍 so she can pick up some nice stylez, and $75 toward Capricciosa 🇮🇹🍝🍕!!

Kadee, we love you. You are such a great worker for us, a great peer to our other amazing Håfaloha staff family, a great server to all our wonderful customers, and a great person overall. Thank you for everything you do for everyone!!

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