January 2022 Employee of the Month: Gabby!

Every month, our amazing Håfaloha staff family vote from amongst each other to decide upon an Employee of the Month. This time, the results weren’t even close; Gabby has been overwhelming voted in as our January 2022 Employee of the Month by her peers. And when we say overwhelming, we’re not exaggerating: the vast majority of our amazing staff voted for her, citing many reasons why they chose her!

Gabby, Håfaloha's January 2022 Employee of the Month

Recently, Gabby was promoted to shift leader. This is a change that comes with many responsibilities and a bit of a learning curve. Many of our Håfaloha staff family sent messages to us praising Gabby not just for her fast adaptation to shift leader, but also for her great leadership skills. As a shift leader, Gabby has been incredibly patient, kind, and understanding with other staff, and doing whatever she can to motivate and help them improve upon their work. Gabby is also great at delegating duties fairly so that no one person is overworked. She really understands the meaning of “Many hands make light work!”

Every chance she gets, Gabby takes the initiative to do things around the store like clean, organize, and make things tidy on our shelves — even when she just happens to be in the store on one of her days off! Her perfectionism, meticulousness, and careful attention to detail (a.k.a., her OCD!!) assists her in doing things just right. But she doesn’t take just initiative; she takes on challenges. Gabby isn’t happy just to do common tasks well; she’s always looking to find better ways of doing everyday tasks — and to learn all new things too. And if there’s ever anything Gabby doesn’t know how to do, she’s not afraid to ask questions or to ask for help if she needs it.

It’s not just her fellow staff and the store itself that she treats well: Gabby is so welcoming and friendly to our customers from the time they walk in the door to the moment they leave! Customers can count on a pleasant experience in our store with any of our amazing Håfaloha staff family, but Gabby’s friendliness especially has been noticed by her peers.

Everything Gabby does around the store — the way she respects her fellow worker, treats the store as if it were her own, and makes each customer feel welcome — she does all of this with her amazing unique personality and a positive attitude!

As with all of our Employees of the Month, we give more than just a title; we also give them gifts that they enjoy. For all of her hard work, we have rewarded Gabby with a $75 Outback Steakhouse gift card, a $25 gas card, and a $50 online gift card to Shein, a women’s clothing website she likes.

To our wonderful customers: come in soon and give Gabby a warm greeting and high five for a job well done! To Gabby: amazing job, you totally deserve this, and we love you!!

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