February 2022 Employee of the Month: Dani!

Once again, our wonderful Håfaloha staff family have voted to choose an Employee of the Month. This month, they have voted solidly for someone who they felt really deserves it (and so do we): Dani!

Dani, Håfaloha's February 2022 Employee of the Month

Dani has just been promoted to shift leader, and our amazing staff tell us that she is handling that transition so well! More than anything, they say how hard she works. Dani has a great work ethic, and takes initiative to do things around the shop. She’s always going around the shop, making sure it’s clean and tidy for when customers come in. And when they come in, she’s always so quick to assist them. Every day at Håfaloha, we have a to-do list of things that need to get done. Dani makes it a habit to clear that daily to-do list, and she does it cheerfully and without complaining. That does not go by unnoticed. It helps keep the positive environment we at Håfaloha strive to maintain, and we appreciate it so much. And even after the daily to-do list has been cleared, Dani still finds something beneficial and useful to do at the shop.

We’ve also gotten so many comments about how helpful Dani is to her fellow workers. She is extremely patient with her fellow workers. Not only does she take the initiative to help them correct or fix something, they actually go to her for help because they know she’ll have answers. And when they approach her to ask for help, they are comfortable doing so. That is a powerful statement about her nature. Dani is a great team member overall, and all her peers know it. And so do we.

That’s why we not only announce an Employee of the Month; we reward our Employee of the Month. For a job so well done, we’ve given Dani a $25 gas card ⛽️ (don’t we all need one of those right now?!), a $50 gift card for Good Lookin Out 🛍 (IG: @goodlookinout), and a $75 card toward a delicious meal at Ban Thai 🇹🇭!

Thank you, Dani, for being so reliably excellent! We love you so much! Know you deserve this!

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