November 2021 Employee of the Month: Kami!

Kami, November 2021 Employee of the Month, hard at work

Here at Håfaloha, we love rewarding a job well done. That’s why we award our Employee of the Month, have an Employee of the Quarter spotlight, and give promotions to exceptional individuals.

November’s Employee of the Month was Kami! We want to acknowledge everything about her — her hard work, incredible patience, leadership skills, positive energy (everyone loves her!), and the fact that she’s just an overall AWESOME team member.

Kami constantly steps in to help her coworkers, even when they don’t ask for help. In addition, during our recent preparations to reopen the store on Black Friday, Kami took many initiatives in completing tasks that needed to be done to get the shop open again. Part of that prep work was to train our newest members to perform up to our high Håfaloha standards.

To us, Employee of the Month isn’t just a title; it is something we take seriously as an opportunity to thank our chosen worker. So, to thank Kami for a job well done, we’ve rewarded her with a $100 gift card to Outback Steakhouse, a $25 gift card to Infusion Coffee & Tea, and a $25 gas card.

Kami has worked with us for 3 years now — since December of 2018 — and is now our Supervisor.


We are using this blog post to officially announce that Kami will soon be promoted to our new FOH (Front of House) Manager! McKenzie, our current FOH Manager, will be leaving us soon 😢 (We'll always love you too, Kenzie), but we can’t think of any more worthy successor than Kami.

Kami, like we said, you’re awesome. We love and appreciate you a lot!

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