April 2022 Employee of the Month: Caleb!

Caleb, Håfaloha's April 2022 Employee of the Month

Once again, our staff have voted from amongst themselves and chosen an Employee of the Month. As always, the person nominated and chosen is so well-deserving. Our new Employee of the Month for April 2022 is Caleb!

Caleb, Håfaloha's April 2022 Employee of the Month

Last month, our Employee of the Month was Darian. One of the reasons he was chosen by his peers was that he was one of two workers who was willing to step up as a shift leader when all the other shift leaders were unavailable. The other of the two workers  who became a shift leader was Caleb. So we really thank him and Darian for stepping up in our time of need. We really appreciate you guys!

There are a few reasons Caleb stepped up. One is, he’s very hard-working (multiple of his peers have said so). He’s also always willing to lend a helping hand (multiple of his peers have also said this as well). In addition, Caleb is a curious and inquisitive person who loves to learn. He then takes what he learns and uses it to get better and improve. (Again, you can imagine that multiple of Caleb’s peers have said this about him.)

Caleb’s customer service skills are through the roof, both behind the snack counter and on the clothing/retail side. He’s just great with customers overall! But even during the slow times, when there are no customers in the store, Caleb finds useful things to do. He’s always making suggestions on ways we can improve the shop. He’s also very creative, including coming up with new dessert ideas (our recent limited-time “Easter Delight” sot-serve special was his idea)! Caleb is an overall dedicated, extremely reliable worker that any business would be lucky to have. Thankfully, we are the ones who get to call ourselves blessed to have him with us.

For a job well done, every month, along with the “Employee of the Month” title, we award that chosen individual with prizes. To Caleb, we are giving a $25 gas card 🚘⛽️ good enough to put a few drops of valuable and expensive fuel in his car! We’re also giving him a $50 gift card to Foot Locker 👟 (he likes sneakers A LOT), and a $75 gift card to Capricciosa 🍝🍕 (Caleb likes their meatball spaghetti and pesto pizza). 

Caleb, you’re amazing, and we LOVE having you with us. Thank you for everything you do for Håfaloha, and for being the amazing guy you are!

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